Indian Laws Explained

Introduction To Filing A Civil Suit In Delhi

What gives you the power to institute a Civil Suit before a Court of Law? Yup, Legal Rights! With everything materialistic you acquire, you also acquire certain legal rights pertaining to that. Say, you buy a property, so along with that property, you also acquire a legal right to the peaceful possession of that property, right to flow of natural […]

Indian Laws Explained

First Information Report – Section 154 CrPC Explained

FIR is an abbreviation of “First Information Report” and is provided under Section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and it is the first step to set the criminal law in motion so as to enable the investigating authorities to obtain information about the alleged criminal activity and to take necessary steps to trace and apprehend the guilty. It […]

Lawyering Tips

Lawyers Need To Keep Calm In Courtrooms

There is a lot riding on a Lawyer’s shoulders when he walk into a Courtroom. There is a tremendous amount of preparation which goes behind every Court hearing. But a common misstep I see a lot of young Lawyers making in the Courtroom is that they are so eager to argue and get the facts of their case out of their system, that they […]